Monday, October 28, 2013

Ignite a PASSION

We understand that churches work hard to expand and strengthen the Kingdom of God. We fine tune our worship services, we add programs, and classes, and we expand and upgrade our facilities to appeal to the lost world around us. All of these things are justified and can be very effective, however; the core to impacting the Kingdom of God is very simple: “Ignite people’s passion for God and get out of the way.”

You see once the passion is ignited all of a sudden the peripherals don’t matter nearly as much. They’ll endure worship services that may not meet their exact desire because the focus is on God and not themselves. They will sacrifice more of their hard-earned money for the purposes of ministry because they recognize they are stewards and not owners. They will share their faith with others because they simply cannot contain their own excitement about the privilege of relating to God.

Our success is not defined by numbers and budgets, it is a desire to ‘Ignite a Passion’ that changes every area of life. It is a shift that changes its focus from programs to people, not just quantity but quality. We must understand the things that got us to where we are today may not be the things that get us to where we need to be tomorrow.

Jesus changed the world, by gathering twelve out-cast around Him. He prepared these men to infiltrate their culture with a life-giving message, a transformed lifestyle, and a burning desire to serve God with every ounce of capacity they possessed- or die in the process. Although the task was improbable-it worked, and the disciple’s passion was contagious.

This week would you focus and pray about your personal passion. You can’t give something away that you don’t personally have. We can’t expect others to be passionate and on fire for the things of God if we are not personally passionate and on fire for the things of God. 

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