Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I Don't Want To Miss It!

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I cannot believe that my boys are already 3 and a half years old. It seems only like yesterday that Brittany and I found out that we were expecting. I'll never forget when that nurse was doing the sonogram and said she had to go get the doctor, I was scared to death all the possibilities rushed in my mind of what this could mean. Then she said 'I think I might see TWO babies' My life has never been the same since that moment. The Lord blessed us with two healthy baby boys. But... They aren't babies any more, they are getting more and more independent every day. It's incredible to watch the, as they mature and turn into 'big boys' with such big personalities.

As I think about how quickly time has passed it makes me realize that I truly don't want to miss a thing as they grow. We are all so busy aren't we? There's always an email that needs to be read, a call that needs to be made, work that needs to be done, chores that need completed, and on and on and on.. But.. Is that more important then the loved ones God has put in front of us? 

What about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It's becoming evermore easy to ignore your loved ones while scrolling the lives of others. It's becoming second nature to be so concerned with a 'newsfeed' and friends status' that you totally forget about the blessing in your own life. How often do we see a family sitting at a restaurant to eat together and most of the table is focused on their cell-phones totally missing out on their life!

The other day I was sitting outside watching the boys play, while sitting there I was working on some emails on my phone. Maddox kept saying 'Daddy watch me' to which I would say 'I'm watching baby' while trying to finish my email... Finally Maddox said 'Daddy you ARENT watching' and he was right. It kind of struck me and made me start thinking. I really don't want to miss a thing in this wonderful life God has given me. I'm so grateful for my blessings, may I never take them for granted. May you never miss out on your blessings!

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