Thursday, May 22, 2014


Were you to ever venture just north of San Francisco into Muir Woods, you would find an incredible forest of Sequoia trees. Sequoias are sometimes referred to as the largest living things on earth, reaching almost 250 feet in the air and standing for as many as fifteen hundred years.

You would probably assume that deep roots would be the fundamental reasons the sequoias could date back a few decades from the collapse of the Roman Empire. That is not the case at all, because each tree’s roots grow only about four feet deep in the ground, while going deeper helps many trees remain upright, the Sequoia has not overcome the difficulties of life because of its depth.

If you looked around, you would notice that Sequoia trees grow only in groves. While their roots go only about four feet deep into the ground, their roots intermingle with the other Sequoias next to them. One tree has other trees surrounding it, supporting it and keeping it strong. Each tree stands strong through the centuries because each tree depends on others.

No believer is transformed alone. Sunday School, and small groups are so important, because it is during this time that we gain a sense of community, friendship, accountability, and comfort.

Does it really matter if you are involved in a small group or not? Take a moment and look at the results of a recent study that found the practical life differences between someone who just attends worship and someone who is involved in a small group:
(Highlight the below boxes and you can read text)

Did not attend a group?
Attended a group 4+ times a month
I intentionally spend time with other believers in order to help them grow in their faith.
I have developed significant relationships with people at my church.
I am intentionally putting my spiritual gift(s) to use serving God and others.
Throughout the day I find myself thinking about Biblical truths.

Spiritual Discipline
Did not attend a group
Attended a group 4+ times a month.
Read the Bible
Pray for my church and/or church leaders
Pray for fellow Christians I know
Pray for the spiritual status of people I know who are not professing Christians
Confess my sins and wrongdoings to God and ask for forgiveness.

Behavior that is characteristic of a growing disciple
Did not attend a group
Attended a group 4+ times a month.
About what percentage of your total annual income (before taxes) do you contribute to your local church?
Are you currently involved in ministries or projects that serve people in the community that are not affiliated with your church?
Do you currently have regular responsibilities at your church (for example: greeter, teacher, musician, etc.)?

 What is holding you back from getting involved? I want to invite you, I want to encourage you in every-way that I know how… find a Sunday School group and begin to grow. 

*see Transformational Groups

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